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Crude oil and natural gas brokers DRILL THIS is a seasoned natural gas and oil well field development company and currently seeks investment funds for our Seminole and Cromwell Oklahoma prospects.

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As brokers for crude oil and natural gas exploration, drilling, completione &lsquo and production, we have ‘well bores-cased holes, some with virgin-pay zones behind pipe, and all with some zone-with oil and or gas to produce’ from 650' deep to 4700' deep, and in between - all on one well bore, including:

  • Wewoka Sands - 3    
  • Hartshorne Sand                          
  • Union Vally Cromwell 4                
  • Calvin Sands 3
  • Booch Sands                                        
  • Simpson Do/Viola Lm
  • Senora Or Earlsboro Sand          
  • Atoka Or Gilcrease Sands 4      
  • 1 & 2 Wilcox Sands

Statistics show that there could be as many 26 possible pay sands to encounter. If they are drilled on the up side of the fault block there can possibly be as many as 8 commercial pays, loaded with 20,000 to 1,000,000 MBO, and the Cromwell and the 1 & 2 Wilcox sands may have as much as 2,000,000 BO

DRILLTHIS is unique among crude oil and natural gas brokers with oil and gas prospects that include ‘already existing’ wells. We have ‘proven wells’ and can provide you with new geological studies for these reserves.  

A Message from DrillThis CEO

Oil saturated rock in our pay sands is very plentiful and can be found if done properly, but one has to be very, very good to get the crude oil and natural gas out of the ground!

Thanks to today’s new drilling technologies including highly detailed “Electric Logging” samples (some while drilling), we can get a clear understanding of what we are dealing with “while drilling the pay sand” and while the samples are surfacing live (with flowing oil and gas popping out of the rock); under the microscope and blue light in the geological trailer.
DRILLTHIS can show you what we have at that very moment. Investors that come to the drill site can witness this on the site, right next to the drilling rig with proper PPE!
We have (and give) our investors a far better understanding of the geology, and the makeup of the time eras and the distribution of these sands/reservoirs, some laid down here some 300 million year ago!!
Using all new computer technology gives us a far greater insight for creating and maintaining the proper and successful extraction of the crude oil and natural gas from the rock. This is a sensitive and difficult task of extracting production from mother earth and an area where most oil companies fail to take the time to examine the rocks they have dug up…yet this is crucial to learn how to properly complete the rock!
DRILLTHIS has mastered this extremely time consuming task.
I’ve seen it time and time again where oil companies, in a hurry to complete a well, will fail to properly examine and evaluate the rock formations before extracting, resulting in gross overspending, human error and unnecessary and irreparable damage to a well’s longevity.
Our goal is to produce only the best wells possible.

Investing in Oil & Gas

For serious investors who want to spend the time, I will personally show you the phases that are mandatory to master this very complex well/pay zone completion…as required by each pay zone. We welcome you to see with your own eyes and experience what its like, “hands on”. The experience will change you…you will become addicted. Really!
We’re a small oil and gas company but as crude oil and natural gas brokers we are the most experienced in this business and I only use the best service companies to work by my side, like “HALLIBURTON AND SCHLUMBURGER”.

West Operating Company

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DRILLTHIS has enough land to drill wells back to back for many years.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or if you would like more details.

About West Operating

West Operating (JW & LW) have been Drilling and Completing wells for over 30 years including running the drilling fluids, hauling the drilling mud, roustabout tank batteries, setting pumping units with power, drilling, completing and producing the oil and gas into the sales lines we laid. We negotiate purchase contracts; finalize the title opinion-pay sheets to get all involved personnel promptly and fairly paid, directly from the 1st purchaser!
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