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As an independent with an Oil and gas Field Development Company I have worked in this industry for almost 30 years and I have never seen a more lucrative and exciting time for investors interested in investing in oil and gas in Seminole County Oklahoma.
The resurgent interest in Oklahoma oil and natural gas lease developments is providing huge opportunities for smaller more precise companies (independents like DRILLTHIS) to extract oil and gas from these overlooked pay zones with fantastic dividends possible for our investors.
DRILLTHIS is currently experiencing a leasing and drilling frenzy like no other and want to hear from those interested in investing in oil and gas in Oklahoma. This is a great time for Serious Investors!

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DRILLTHIS Is Seeking New Capital to Exploit
the Following Oil and Natural Gas Prospects

Wewoka OK - Recently a 300 BOPD well was completed in Wewoka, about 7 miles south of our current prospects, out of the same pay we have. I have spot picked out a well that tested 31,000 MCFGPD and is ready to lease and another area with wells that tested 35-300 BOPD (and gas). We intend to horizontal drill and estimate on the low side of 500 BOPD & 2,000 MCFGPD flowing freely.

Calvin Sands - The Calvin Sands in the new well at approximately 1250, 1450 and 1600 feet deep, are full of natural gas showing an over 100,000 BOGe (PD/cumulative) of producible hydrocarbons.

Booch SS – Tops in the Cromwell Oklahoma area, the Booch sands start at an estimated 2800’ to 3100’ and are usually 8 to 22” thick with multi-liens of sand layered approximately 50 – 100’ apart – one could be as good as the other above or below. The upper Booch ss in our HLH prospects, estimated at 3050’ and 3150’ respectively, hold 20,000 to 85,000 BOGe-Cumulative in each pay sand. Both the Booch and Gilcrease are very present and prolific in this area of Oklahoma…most all of our 20 wells on our HLH lease project are behind pipe and will pay quite nicely with the proper cement and stimulation.

Gilcrease – Our HLH prospects also has two to four different Gilcrease ss in this area; known as the Atoka section, with Gilcrease ss pays in it".  This sand is usually loaded up with gas, and will blow out on the drilling rigs, more so than most other zones. This sand is clean, and when found trapped, treated properly it can come on very strong, and make a lot of gas fast - like a natural, flowing well of 2,500 MCFGPD with 50 BOPD, and 100,000 BOGe-Cum's of oil and gas in each sand with 3-4 possible sands in each well bore.

Cromwell Sands – In this area there are very good pay sands above and below the Cromwell sand at 3500’ deep; trapped - 80,000 to 1,000,000 BOGe possible, but with well control, new drilled wells, old wells, fault blocks, etc., can still produce for a very long time from 10 sands between 2800’ and 3500’.

Hunton Lime - In the Hunton Lime at around 4100’ deep I saw a well come in at 1450 BOPD with 250 MCFGPD flowing on 460 psi, natural. This is a rich area with proven natural gas reserves due to the fact that up to now it has sold so much crude oil while natural gas took a back seat. Natural gas is less expensive to get out of the ground here and investors can realize fast ROI′s from 30:1 up to 100:1 possible. Newer wells are producing in commercial volumes and we have already found proven natural gas reserves that can bring you incredible dividends.

Wilcox ss - And just 3 miles from my home a Wilcox well, 20 acres from a plugged, D&A Wilcox, Shell Oil Company well, drilled to 4500’ deep in 1986 came in at 6000 BOPD and the well made over 100,000 BO very quickly. The field was drilled with gross human error and the water was coned in. This field needs to be re-drilled for this is a large proprietary gas zone - and other commercial pay sands like this were also overlooked.

DRILLTHIS is a independent oil and gas broker and a company that takes a "hands on" approach to all our projects, from start to finish.

As local crude oil brokers and natural gas brokers we have almost 3 decades of experience and we are currently in the process of development for these many pay sands. We are aggressively seeking additional capital to fully develop

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For over 30 JW & LW have been drilling and completing wells in and around Seminole County Oklahoma. If you are serious about investing in oil and gas in Oklahoma call contact us atl Our Oklahoma oil and natural gas wells are strong investment vehicles that promise excellent long-term returns for investors.

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